Posted: 17 APRIL 2022

A Big thank you to parent volunteers from. St Mark's Anglican Community and other volunteers for their immense support in food donation for Grace Cafe Drop in Centre for homeless and disadvantaged.

Kudos Denise and Robyn, for the great work you two have been doing with Grace Cafe!

Parent volunteer testimonial

"Dear Rossana,

Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed our morning volunteering at Grace Cafe today! Denise and her daughter Robyn run a tight ship - quite impressive really how well stocked and run the cafe is, considering it relies solely on donations of food and other essential items. What was remarkable is that Denise knew exactly how each patron liked their coffee and exactly what they would need in their take home care pack. We helped set up the cafe areas inside and outside the church and served coffees, toasties and meals throughout the morning. The food prepared by the Sacred Heart student were “delicious”, the sausages and mash being the clear favourite. I was humbled by the gratitude and fellowship shared today. Of the seven patrons we met today, one gentleman (a past English teacher) made a comment which left a huge impression on me. He was “overcome with joy that we remembered his name” ! Denise told us that she loves running the Cafe and I can see why - she makes a difference on a practical level to these seven people and many others who rely on these meals and care packs too. It’s a big task for one lady and her daughter and took no effort at all from my side to show up and serve a few coffees and tidy up. I urge anyone who can spare a few hours off work or other commitment to lend a hand - it’s not a fixed commitment as they’d be happy for any support they can have, even if it’s once a year. Rossana, thank you for this enriching opportunity. Denise and Robyn have such kind hearts and being taken out of my “bubble” even for a few hours was humbling and puts life into perspective.

Best wishes, Raf​"